TRISA Visage – nice and pure skin

Skin can only absorb moisture and other active ingredients from face creams properly when it is been cleaned deep down to pore level. This is why electrical face cleansing brushes are becoming increasingly popular. TRISA meets the need for clean facial skin perfectly with its new Visage Sonic Cleansing System. TRISA meets the need for effective and at the same time caring facial cleansing with its new Visage Sonic Cleansing System. The use of this unique sonic facial brush is simple and the result is convincing.

Gentle sonic movements combined with 30,000 silky fine cleaning filaments loosen dirt particles and make-up residues more thoroughly than any manual method of skin cleansing. Tests at an independent dermatological institute confirm that the TRISA Visage is up to four times more effective at cleaning the skin(*).

The exchangeable "Pure Cleansing" brush head is particularly suited for thorough and gentle cleaning of normal and combination skin. The perfectly rounded cleaning filaments gently free the skin of impurities, giving it a pleasantly clean feeling.

One charge of the battery is enough to keep the face clean for three months (2 x 1 minute per day). The charging system is handy to use and saves space.

(*) in comparison to manual methods of cleaning the facial Skin

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